Here are just a few examples of other projects I love to do. Koa surfboards, desk sets, pocket watches, boxes, wine openers/stoppers are all part of creating beautiful works of art that can be used and enjoyed. Please let me know if there something I can make for you!  






















Koa surfboards range in size from 6" to about 10". I use drift wood or local rocks to                          create the stands primarily from the North Shore or here in Makaha.$95-$145


These combination wine bottle openers and bottle stops make a very unique                              gift. I use the same koa wood and acrylics as I do in the pens and the same                          beautiful and durable finish. $45     


Years ago I wanted to get a pocket watch as a gift for a relative. What was out                           there was very plain and very I started making my own.                                          All Koa and in a variety of styles. $95-$125


 Occasionally I will come a across a piece Koa that tells me it should become a                                     desk set. Who am I to argue. These pieces are both practical and Beautiful.                                           Size varies but generally is in the 15” – 18” range. $125-$195



Boxes are another item I love to design and make. The examples below are of                    standard and "bandsaw" box style (freeform) made with Koa. Some have added                   mango with the lower box being made from Tamerind. Drawer openings are                           lined with felt for smooth operation. Prices range from $35-$775